Sunday, 31 March 2013

Rainbow Drops and Sunday School

I have been a member of Greenwell Street Presbyterian Church all my life, Sunday School, 3rd Ards BB, Church in fact Anderson's have been members of the church since around 1884, perhaps even earlier than that.

Well, my children came home the other day with some packets of Rainbow Drops - I had not seen these for many years and instantly it brought back memories for me.

Whiskey Haw Public House - Front Deed Corner

Each and every Sunday us wee Anderson's were packed off to Sunday School at Greenwell Street Church, it was held in the afternoon around the same time as 'The Big Match' was on ITV (coincidence)?. Anyway just at his corner (above) was Bertie Moorhead's shop and yes with our Sunday collection we called in and purchased as much rainbow drops as our collection would allow us!

Mum if you read this - I'm sorry!


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