Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Ulster Scots Funding - Loughries

Loughries Historical Society is an Ulster Scots Community Group formed in September 2005, through Loughries True Blues LOL 1948. We adopted as the motto - 'Promoting the Ulster Scots Tradition Through Education'.

Since Sept. 2005 we have held numerous Ulster Scots events, educational tours, lectures, dinners, burns suppers, concerts and musical evenings - with our most high profile event Loughries Ulster Scots Summer School, rated by the Ulster Scots Agency itself as their flagship summer school.

Sadly over recent years Loughries have been become more and more disenfranchised by the Ulster Scots Agency – so much so that in September 2012 Loughries held a meeting to discuss our relationship with the Ulster Scots Agency and we unanimously decided not to apply for funding to the Ulster Scots Agency for any events or projects in 2013.

This of course is very disappointing and somewhat sad in a way that an Ulster Scots Community Group refusing to ask a funding body such as the Ulster Scots Agency for funding to promote and develop the Ulster Scots Tradition in Newtownards.

Loughries instead will still proceed with our Good Relations projects and Ulster Scots Community Festival, both funded through Ards Borough Council. Also our 2 x Summer Schools will still go ahead as planned, however they will funded through Ards Borough Council Good Relations Office and OFMDFM (Stormont) – more details soon.

So no change in promoting our Ulster Scots Culture just won’t be using the Ulster Scots Agency as our funder……….!



  1. Hello Dean, sadly it is more than unfortunate - it is very sad and disappointing. We will get by nonetheless.