Sunday, 10 March 2013

Old photo of a Lambeg Drum Maker / Painter

Thanks to Mark Thompson for this photo.

Here is a photo from the past! The fife and lambeg drum is one of the oldest musical traditions in Ulster and it is right and proper that it continues to be promoted and developed as an equal to other traditions - it is generally accepted to be a vital cog in the wheel of our Ulster and British Cultural Identity.
Sadly scenes like the one above are not as familiar as they once were, that said there are dedicated drum makers dotted throughout Ulster who continue on with the drum making tradition - as well as the artists / painters, who through art - express our cultural identity.
In a previous post I mentioned that a school in Londonderry, Lisneal College, have ordered fifes and a new lambeg drum for the school. There are plans for the fifes and drums to be used during the UK City of Culture events throughout 2013 - I personally feel that it is vitally important to showcase this musical tradition, its unique to Ulster and deserves to be promoted in a positive light!!

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