Friday, 15 March 2013

Fife Cleaning

I received a call earlier this week from a teacher (Shaz) who works in a school that I had been teaching in a while back - she is very keen to get a fife & lambeg drum project up and running.
Anyway, whilst having a chat about the project she enquired into purchasing some fifes, well I had around 20 fifes gathered up, 6 I have kept by for the Lisneal Collage project, so I agreed to sell 4 to Shaz. Sadly I went to get the fifes they looked the rather worse for ware, so I ended up oiling and cleaning 10 fifes, including my own - which got a spring clean! (over 2 hours)
They are like new now and looking forward to delivering them to the school, yes they were a bargin at £*&.%$ each !

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