Saturday, 30 March 2013

Assembling Prudence

Building a Lambeg drum is a little time consuming but enjoyable. It is a very important part of the musical tradition, some men can't be bothered, too lazy or simply can't assemble a drum. I have always found it to be enjoyable and great fun especially during the weeks running up to the 'Twelfth' 
I owe a great deal to Eric Cully and Denis Morrow for passing on a number of 'top tips' when preparing a drum. The drum will do together with out much bother providing all the component parts fit. You get to know your own drum and how best to assemble it, you would usually or at least I do mark the drum where certain bits line up.
Once the brace hoops are laced up with the rope you don't need to unlace the rope again as the drum can be assembled and disassembled by slackening off the rope and removing a few buffs.
This is my drum Prudence - I took a few pictures of it as I built it a while back. It is good if there is at least two folk present as it is a lot easier, this time I had Bobby Magreechan with me.
Prudence - stripped!

One head on.

Second head on.

A piece of curtain material comes in handy!

Brace Hoops laced with the rope and buffs - drum slips in. 

Prudence built and in the drum press for a tighten.
In bygone years of yore there were no drum presses, these are a relatively new invention, all drums needed to be pulled by hand - usually with a case or two of stout handy just in case the men got a little thirsty!

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