Thursday, 14 March 2013

Lambeg Drum for Lisneal College - Londonderry 2

While others still talk about it..................

On Sunday10th March 2013 I posted an article regarding a new Lambeg Drum and associated equipment for Lisneal Collage in Londonderry.
Well on Tuesday evening 12th March I took the drum shell to the artist, Brian Jamison of Ballywatticock to begin the process. I spoke at great length to Brian about what was required from the school and I took along with me a print out of what is to be painted on the drum along with a sketch that had been prepared by Darren Gibson (teacher at Lisneal).
I can't disclose what is to be painted on the drum as it is a closely guarded secret, however think of Londonderry...... that is all I an divulging!

So, here you see the drum prepared with primer and ready for the painting.

I don't intend to photograph various stages of the painting process, however I will keep you all regularly updated on its development.
Darren and I have further plans for the project - more later!
On another matter...............I have been contracted by an organisation to do 2 x similar projects in schools - one from the Catholic Maintained school sector and one from the state school sector, not only to provide the drum and drumming equipment but also to take up to a 20 week tuition course also along with visits to the drum makers and drum painters......... more later !!


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