Thursday, 14 March 2013

Ulster Scots in Schools - Kilmaine Primary School

Wednesday morning Matthew and I attended Kilmaine Primary School in Bangor Co. Down for a series of Ulster Scots musical workshops. This is the 4th year that we have attended the school, so we must be doing something right !

We performed at 3 x workshops this time for Primary 1, Kilmaine is a large school with 3 x classes per year. The children learn about their senses touch, smell and that type of thing - Matt and I were the sound element.

We brought with us a range of Ulster Scots instruments, 3 lambeg drums - small, medium and large, fifes, selection of flutes, tin whistles and bagpipes. We talked and interacted with the children as well as getting quite a few of them up to play the instruments

It was terrific and very well received by the children, teachers, classroom assistants and we also had a visit from the school principal Mr. Mann.

For Matt and I, who are genuinely interested in promoting our musical tradition through education, it was a very successful event. For us it is about planting the seed of our Ulster Scots traditions and giving children an opportunity to learn about this culture brought down to their level, in this instance using their P1 theme of sounds.


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