Thursday, 7 October 2010

Unislim - 6

Well, getting there slowly!

Managed to loose another 2lbs this week, does not sound a lot but there are lot of temptations out there. With loosing those 2lbs that make a total of 2 stone, yes 28lbs weight loss in 6 weeks!

Sounds great and it is - but if it had not been for the Tuesday weigh in, which focuses your mind, I think I would have caved in by now.

This week I intend to stick religiously to the Unislim plan and hopefully I can loose 4 - 5 lbs, taking me below the elusive 16st mark for the first time in 12 years! I was 15st 10lbs when I married Loraine 12 years ago, that was my real goal, lets see what the next 2 weeks brings!

Nicola and the other Ladies have been a great source of encouragement - it is needed at times, however if I can reach that weight, 15st 10lbs - perhaps I can shed another 7 - 10 lbs - who knows?


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