Saturday, 30 October 2010

Schomberg Society - Kilkeel

Thursday night I travelled to Kilkeel to take a couple of classes on the drum and fife - for the Schomberg Society Group.

I have to say they are a very talented group and a pleasure to teach, as they listen to what they are being told and carry out the instructions when asked. I have been teaching them Beggarman rhythm and a Colonel Sharp's Advance one of my fifing tunes.

Oh to have a group of lads like the Schomberg in my home town of Newtownards - perhaps in time!

The group are also very much into their Culture and History - many excellent painting/murals adorn the walls of their excellent premises. A lot of credit must got to James Donaldson, who is the main leader at the group and has over the years, moulded the Schomberg in to a highly professional fife and drum group.

Looking forward to my next visit in 2 weeks time.


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