Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Minister's Pen - Nelson McCausland

Last night before I retired to bed I spent a few minutes checking e-mails and messages, I also checked a few blogs that I regularly visit and found an excellent blog post by Minister McCausland - A faded Cultural Memory.

Visit the blog entry here: - http://theministerspen.blogspot.com/

I can say again from first hand experience, that many in the Education sector have been 'Awakened' by the prospect of bringing OUR culture into the classroom, there is no shame in that, we need others like Minister McCausland to support, enhance and develop a strategy aimed at telling OUR children OUR history allowing the children to learn about and play OUR music, etc.

For example - I worked in a school from January to June, teaching tin whistle and lambeg drum, from that small class the school explored many aspects of local Ulster Scots life such as history, music, language, dance, arts & crafts, cookery. The school held an exhibition and concert evening in the assembly hall, attended by local folk and packed to capacity - the school wanted more and more Ulster Scots because the children, parents, teachers and local community wanted it -there are many more schools like it.

I agree with all that the Minister put on this blog post - I have first hand experience of this, however a lot of great work is being carried out by dedicated, honest and hard working folk committed to the Ulster Scots Community. For example Keith Lyttle and myself - working for the Ulster Scots Agency, are aware that there is a large waiting list for the services of the peripatetic music tutors, particularly Keith Lyttle - Fiddle, who is in high demand.

Sadly our Capital City Belfast appears to be somewhat of an Ulster Scots wilderness -with so many schools in a 5 mile radius, yet virtually no Ulster Scots activities going on at all, that's a sad indictment!


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