Thursday, 7 October 2010

Betsy Gray

Following on from Loughries very successful bus tour on Saturday last, I have been invited to one of the buildings pointed out to us during the trip - the house where Betsy Gray lived, Ballygrainey (six road ends)

Noel Roulston has a contact at the nursing home close to the Betsy Gray house and has been invited up, Noel kindly invited me along also. We plan too meet at 2pm Friday 8-10-10 - if all goes to plan.

Who was Betsy Gray?

Betsy Gray was an Ulster-Scots Presbyterian peasant girl from outside Newtownards Co. Down in what is today Northern Ireland, who was killed as part of the 1798 Rebellion of the United Irishmen. She is the subject of many folk ballads and poems written since her time down to the present day.

She fought in the Battle of Ballynahinch against the Yeomanry, and was killed in retreat along with her brother and lover, having her right hand cut off before being decapitated.

She is a folk hero to all in Ulster.

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