Saturday, 30 October 2010

The 1798 Rebellion - in the Ards

Following on from Betsy Gray or Hearts of Down, I am reading another booklet on the same subject - The 1798 Rebellion in the Ards.

The booklet is an examination of the local events and individuals that shaped the 1798 Rebellion in the Ards. The booklet was compiled by Ards Council, Newtownards Historical Society, Upper Ards Historical Society and N.I. Family History Society.

It is an excellent booklet and something every historical society should look at publishing as local history is so very important and needs to be promoted and preserved by local people, for local people.

Loughries Historical Society, of which I am a founding member have a lot of projects coming up that will promote 'The Ards' in a number of way - more on them later!


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