Saturday, 16 October 2010

Ballycarry Primary School

Friday 15th October 2010 and following my weekly tuition classes in Movilla High School, I travelled to the village of Ballycarry in County Antrim. I had some company, Simon Menabney, one of my pupils from the Boys' Model School in Belfast, Simon was on work experience with the Ulster Scots Community Network - and came along with me for the experience.

We stopped for a quick snack at the village shop and paused to take a couple of snaps of a mural in the centre of the village - they up to the school.

The school sits at the edge of the village.

The school flies the Union Flag from a flag pole at the front of the school.

Inside the main entrance there are a number of displays of some old school / village artifacts.

The fife and drum workshop went very, very well - around 30 children stayed and it was great!
Simon drummed as I fifed a few tunes - all the kids listened intently throughout the workshop and all had a chance to play the drum, as did the teachers - they all went home rather excited and hyper!

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