Sunday, 31 October 2010

Ulster Scots - Lambeg Drums 22

The next in a series of Lambeg Drums will feature 'Bust' drums, that is paintings in memory of people such as family members, Orangemen, famous people from history. There are many varied people depicted - so hope you like the selection.

Here are 2 x drums owned by Mrs Irene Jamison from Newtownards. Irene is a close friend of my mum, and the daughter of Hugh Gordon McRoberts, a well known local drummer from Newtownards. These two drums were originally owned by LOL 1054 an Orange Lodge in Newtownards, unfortunately the drums had not been used for quite some time, Hugh sadly died and the drums fell into disrepair. Irene subsequently purchased the drums from the Lodge and restored them to their former glory.

The two drums - Lord Carson Bust and Lord Kitchener Bust, are stored in Irene's house -where a special extension was added to the house with the sole purpose of storing the drums.

I intend organising an exhibition of local drums, drumming memorabilia, art work, paintings, crafts etc all attributed to the drumming tradition in 'The Ards' hopefully in 2011 or 2012 as part of Loughries festival programme - so watch this space.

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