Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Unislim - 4

Well, Tuesday night was once again weigh in time at Unislim Bangor. Things are still going great, as this week I lost another 3lbs - that's 25lbs in 5 weeks. If I am fortunate enough to loose another 3lbs by Tuesday 28th September that will be an amazing 2 stone, 28lbs in 6 weeks.

When this project began, I did not expect to be in this amazing position in such a short space of time, but with hard work, dedication and help & encouragement from the all the ladies at Unislim Bangor, weight loss has been a bit of a team effort and a rewarding experience.

My goal was to get down to my marriage day weight (12 years ago) of 15st 10lbs but I think I can get just a little lower! Getting the weight off is just one of the objectives, keeping it off will be the real challenge!


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