Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Unislim - 2

Last week the leader was stuck in London, so sadly we did not get weighed in, Peter, me and 30 women. We even had another man come along to join - that's 3 of us, he had to wait until tonight though.

Well another successful weight loss week - well 2 weeks - including our non weigh in, so last week and this week combined weight loss was 8lbs - that is 18lbs in 3 weeks - great.

Most of the women I think are coming to terms that men have a weight issues also, and have to accept our presence. The 3rd man did join tonight and will remain anonymous for the time being, but well done to him for taking the leap of faith.

I am meeting Mark T on Friday - so I will have a bun with my sugarless tea!


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