Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Mamma Mia! The Winner Takes It All

I blogged before regarding this song, yes I received a few unusual remarks from a few folk, best now described as closet ABBA fans, however this video clip encapsulated the song for me.

Yes, I have been slapped across the face by angry women who felt let down by me, well that’s the way it was.

Perhaps on reflection it was rather embarrassing at the time, but if you don’t really care what the girl though, well too bad.

Looking back now it was rather barbaric of me to treat some women, the way I did, however I was 33 before as my late Father Blakely said over a Black Bush in La Mon Hotel, ‘Well Mark, you have eventually got a little sense of responsibility – it took you a while though!’ but that was not until I had married Mrs Anderson.

Funny how songs get you – Sorry again for the ABBA post but there you go.


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