Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Unislim - 3

Well, still going great at Unislim Bangor - 2lbs off this week, making a total of 20lbs in 4 weeks. I suspect my body is growing used to the change and has naturally slowed down on the weight loss, however 2 - 3lbs a week from here on in will be brilliant - if I could achieve that I'm happy.

But wait, slimmer of the week is my great friend, Hamilton Gregory, who joined just last week - a whopping 11lbs off in 1 week, ELEVEN POUNDS in on week - well done Hammy.

Thanks again to Nicola and her Mum for the vital words of encouragement.

Folks, men as well as women have a weight issue from time to time, I would highly recommend Unislim to every man or woman out there, the weigh in on a Tuesday is an incentive and a focus to loose something each week - so don't be shy join Unislim (Bangor) look better - feel better !


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