Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Ulster Scots School Work - Co. Londonderry 2

Again another busy day for me, which I like, as Wednesday sees me in Co. Londonderry.

Today I start a series of workshops and tuition classes in Lisneil College, Londonderry City. It is a brand new purpose built school on the Waterside of the historic city. A few weeks ago I met Darren Gibson, a former native of on 'the Ards' who married and settled in the city. Darren is an art teacher in the College and very keen to get Ulster Scots in to the College.

To give you just one example of the work and ideas of Darren and his pupils come up with, one pupil has devised an animation exploring the Plantation of Ulster, and is working away developing characters to play roles in the short animation film - ingenious! These are the ideas that come from young people once you get that 'foot through the door' of schools and collages.

Once again a huge amount of credit must be given to development officer - Derek Rainey, quiet unassuming, particularly dedicated and highly motivated member of the Agency Staff.

I also have 3 x satellite primary schools that feed Lisneil College and I will post details / photographs etc of these Primary Schools, in the coming weeks.


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