Friday, 12 August 2011

Slieve Donard - My Personal Challenge

I have a few 'secret' things I would like to do/achieve - most are just pipe dreams, however I hope to realise one of these pipe dreams later this month.

Well, I plan to hike/climb Slieve Donard! Yes, later this month Matthew Warwick and I have arranged to meet up and climb the highest Mountain in Northern Ireland.

Now those who know me will be aware that my job is like scaling Slieve Donard daily, that aside it has always been an ambition of mine - really just to say 'I did it'.

I started training yesterday 6 miles walked and 6 miles walked this morning, I plan to walk Scrabo on Saturday and continue to exercise by walking up to 8 miles per day in order to build up some level of fitness before I attempt this walk.

I am an asthmatic and I hope that this will not affect my walk - I will have to wait and see how it goes - wish me luck!!

Pictures to prove I did do it will be posted later!

Slieve donard co down northern  ireland



  1. Just in case you get lost
    Leave the car park in Donard Park heading towards the mountain and follow the Glen River uphill through old woodland of Scots Pine, Oak and Birch. At the first of 3 bridges, cross to the opposite bank.

    Continue uphill through the forest, above a deep cut riverbed, for about 400m until another bridge is reached. The riverbank overhangs along this section so extra care is needed.

    At this point cross back to the left hand side and resume journey uphill through the trees.

    At the next bridge continue across the forest road and onto the rough track heading up towards the mountains, with thick forest on right (fenced), until a gate and stile is reached.

    Cross the stile and follow the track above the river for about 2kms, heading towards the saddle between Donard and Commedagh.

    At this point, the path crosses the river and continues uphill to the 'Saddle' where is meets the Mourne Wall.
    At the Mourne Wall turn left and follow the wall steeply uphill towards the summit.

    From the summit return by the same route, staying close to the wall until the Saddle is reached again. The cliffs on the north side of Donard known as Eagle Rocks should be avoided by walkers since the approaches are steep.

    Return to Donard Park following the line of the Glen River.

  2. You want to come and climb some real mountains? not those wee hills in L'Derry - you are very welcome. M