Friday, 19 August 2011

Royal Black Institution - Black Day

For me the Royal Black Institution is the better of the Protestant Institutions.

I have been a member of the 'The Black' for almost 30 years now and have enjoyed all my time with in this wonderful organisation. I was a member of RBP 799, when I first joined the Institution back in 1982. I stayed in this Preceptory for around 5 years, before I transferred to my fathers Preceptory, Ards Chosen Few RBP 290 - and have remained an active member since.

In 1999, I was elected Deputy Master (100th anniversary of the Preceptory) and then elected Worshipful Master in 2000 / 2001 - following that, I was elected Registrar (secretary) and have served in that office since.

In 2007/8 I was elected Deputy District Master of Newtownards Royal Black District Chapter, then in 2008/9 I was Elected District Master serving for 1 year. I now hold office as Assistant District Treasurer and County Committee member and now I believe Assistant County Marshall.

I joined the Institution to serve not to be served, so I am happy and willing to help where needed. I am not one to look for accolades or self promotion, I quietly get on with my job / role and do so to the very best of my ability.

Looking forward to Newry on Saturday 27th August 2011.


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