Sunday, 28 August 2011

American Civil War - Wearin of the Gray

I am sure you can tell by a few of my recent posts that I have an interest in the American Civil war, in particular the music.

So I am also sure you can tell what new tin whistle tunes I am learning? - yes, well, hear is a great tune, easy to pick up but affective - Wearin of the Gray.



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  1. During the summer we visited the Ulster American Folk Park. Just before the 4th of July American Civil War reenactment. All the soldiers were serious enthusiasts. I asked one well dressed union officer if Sam could have his photo taken with him. He said no problem but he wasn't a union officer he was a confederate officer. Apparently in the first 6 months or so of the war all the career officers wore the blue uniforms they had worn before the war. Only the buttons said confederacy. You should bring your fife to next years reenactment and give them some authentic tunes.