Thursday, 11 August 2011

More Reading - Summer 2011

Well folks, not too much bloggin lately as I have been rather busy organising and overseeing 2 x summer schools - which I will blog about soon, also I needed a break from paperwork / laptop - as I need rest!

In order to keep me sane, I have 2 new books to read - one I bought with a book voucher given to me as a gift from one of my schools, the other was a gift from my assistant Minister.

1/ A History of Ulster - Jonathan Bardon - history my worst subject at school, I was a Geography and Maths chap at school. History in my old High school was 1066, Henry VIII and all that - why would we want to teach our own children their own history, tut, tut!

2/ Rock Solid - 12 gospel truths to live by - several contributors - Our assistant Minister, John Mullan, at Greenwell Street Presbyterian Church, gave this to me to read as a follow up to my Christianity Explored Course.


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