Thursday, 25 August 2011

J. Enoch Powell

Politics is not really my thing, I do occasionally keep tabs on matters that interest me - this was one of those occasions that interested me.

On Wednesday afternoon, on the BBC Parliament programme, I watched Lord Norton (Conservative Peer) give a great talk 'The Centenary Lecture' on the life of J. Enoch Powell.

It was wonderful to hear in great detail - although squeezed into a 1 hour presentation, the life of one of the most famous and controversial British Politicians of the 20th Century.

Famed for his 'Rivers of Blood' speech in the 1970's he was subsequently made a villain by the English tabloid press because of it, nevertheless, Enoch Powell was a fascinating character of high intellect and a committed Unionist.

Many interesting facts were revealed, including one - Enoch held a deep mistrust of the Americans, who he felt, were the greatest threat to his beloved British Empire – I share that view!

If you have an hour to spare view the lecture here -


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