Friday, 12 August 2011

Pilot Ulster Scots Residential Summer School - 2011 - B

Loughries Ulster Scots summer school has been going for 5 years, yes 5 years - it is hard to believe that we have been going so long. We only consider children from p1 to p7 as the summer school is held at Castle Gardens Primary School.

I will be doing a separate post on the summer school in the coming day's.

This year the Ulster Scots Agency decided to pilot a residential Ulster Scots summer school, aimed at the next age group 11 to 14. Loughries applied to pilot the residential - we were successful and plans were made.

Greenhill YMCA Donard Park Newcastle was the venue for what turned out to be a fantastic adventure. On the trip were 18 very excited children and 3 equally excited leaders, Heather Hutchinson, Carolyn Saunderson and me!

Not to go into too much detail, however I hope you can see by the photo's attached that we had a wonderful trip. Activities included zip line, climbing wall, bouldering, campfire cookery, Scottish and Highland country dance workshop, language and history workshop, music and singing around the campfire and some of the children played.....yes, lets stay up all night!!

It was a great trip and one we may plan for in 2012, I have to say that the children were fantastically well behaved and really had a great time - as coordinator of the trip, I must pay tribute to Heather and Carolyn for making the trip so very special for everyone!

Enjoy the snaps - Thanks to H and C for the snaps.


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