Sunday, 13 March 2011

Loughries - Ulster Museum Trip

On Saturday 16th April 2011, Loughries will embark on our first trip of the year. We do try to vary where we go on the trips - in order to appeal to the diverse tastes of our members.

We are going to visit the Ulster Museum - link here: - Of our 23 members, sadly NONE have visited the museum, shamefully myself included. So we felt it right and proper we arrange a visit to explore further Ulsters interesting past.

After the trip is concluded, we are going to discuss what impressed us and what did not. We do hope to see Ulster Scots items, as well as 'Loyal Order' items - but we wait and see!

Photo's to follow.


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  1. I haven't been to the Ulster Museum for years, but it should be a good trip. The Girona exhibits are amazing and I remember the mummy (the oldest blonde in Northern Ireland). It's a pity they no longer have the massive beam engine in the hall as you go in - it has been suggested that perhaps those in charge have no wish to celebrate NI's Ulster-Scots industrial success.