Monday, 14 March 2011

Fife & Lambeg Drum - Cultural Art

Tonight as usual, I was at Loughries fife & lambeg drumming class in Newtownards. Usual crowd gathered in for a bit of drumming, fifing, a cup of tea and a chat.

However, tonight was a little different, as there was a surprise waiting for me - the chap with the beard, Roy Hogg comes to the class and tonight he brought a painting with him.

Last year at one of our drumming evenings, Roy and his wife came along and took a number of photo's, nothing unusual about that, except Mrs Hogg (I don't know her first name) used one of the photo's and spent a number of weeks working on this wonderful painting!

Roy is drumming my lambeg drum - Prudence and I am fifing beside him. I am delighted with the painting as in many way's it encapsulates the fife and lambeg drumming tradition - so I thought I would share the painting with you.


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