Thursday, 3 March 2011

Lambeg Drums - A Selection Of Painted Shells 2

I had a great response to my last montage of Lambeg Drum paintings recently - here is another montage, what do you think of these?

As I mentioned before painting of the lambeg drum is personal and deeply meaningful - it tells a story of a Orange Lodge / Family / Townland / Drumming Club etc.

The selection below all have the same themes - Rooster or Cockerels. Some of the paintings are new, some quite old - but all have a story to tell.

As part of my job, I took a bus load of Boys' Model school children to a famous banner painter, and one of the children, who was amazed by the whole experience, noticed one of these drums sitting in the workshop and commented ' Hey Mister, did you paint that there chicken on the front of that there drum' - precious!

The historical significance of cockerels painted on lambeg drums is mixed, some would suggest they signify the old 'stick ins' drumming matches - both drummers fighting it out, just like two cockerels, whilst others suggest it has a Biblical theme.

Whatever the right way I enjoy the painting for what they are - Cultural masterpieces! Enjoy:-


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