Saturday, 19 March 2011

Lambeg Drum - A selection of Painted Shells 5

Here is another selection of painted Lambeg Drums.

Have a look at each painting and put yourself in the mind of the person who owns the drum, try to imagine why they felt the person painted on the drum merited such an accolade.

Throughout the lambeg Drumming community, many unsung hero's are out there - many have dedicated their lives to maintaining one of the richest and most important musical cultures in the world. Ordinary folk who have been held in high esteem by their friends, family, Orange Lodge, community group or perhaps a drumming club.

I selected the paintings below because they give an overview of the type of ordinary people out there whose lives have been commerated and celebrated by their portrait being painted on a Lambeg Drum. As I mentioned in a previous post Cultural Art has made a major contribution to life in Ulster - wall murals, Orange and Black banners, lambeg drums, etc, art is all around us and should be recognised and celebrated for its diversity, as many of these images reflect what is around us everyday.

It does not have to be hanging on a wall in a museum or art gallery to be classed as art!


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