Saturday, 12 March 2011

Loughries - Exploring Cultural Art.

As part of a series of events in 2011, we at Loughries Historical Society - (an Ulster Scots Group in Newtownards) have organised an ‘Exploring Cultural Art Evening’ on Friday 29th April 2011, in our meeting room - at Mary Street, Newtownards.

Ards Borough Council - Arts Department, were giving out small grants to local organisations involved in 'The Arts' - this of course is a very loose term, as the arts can come in many shapes and forms, this small grant was something I thought was worth applying for.

I received unofficial news on Friday, that the grant application was successful, luck favours the brave! However I believe there were a number of folk who sit on the panel - that approves the grant, were let’s say - a little uneasy about funding this event. What swung it for us in the end, was a member of the panel spoke on the very fine reputation Loughries has with different departments at Ards Council, who know that since our formation in 2005 we are a reputable hard working reliable and honest group.

The event: - We are going to have an in-depth look at Cultural Art surrounding ‘Orange Black and Apprentice Boys Banners’ and ‘Lambeg Drum Paintings’ As I have mentioned before in previous blogs, every painting on a drum or on a banner has a story to tell, so we intend to spend an evening exploring and discussing cultural art. A few ‘friends of Loughries’ have a vast collection of photographs of lambeg drums and banners, so through the visual aid of PowerPoint we will view several hundred photographs of drums and banners.

It is something different – a little unusual perhaps, nevertheless there is a very keen interest in exploring these topics, so let’s see what understanding of Cultural Art Work we can attain.

I was informed that this grant was available at Ards Council, from my friends at the Ulster Scots Community Network – who keep member groups like Loughries apprised of available grants etc, so thanks to the USCN for the info, then I set about applying for financial assistance - and as you can see was ultimately successful.


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