Monday, 7 March 2011

Lambeg Drum - Boconnell

The Orange lodge originated in the town land of Silverwood (just off the m1 at Lurgan) Boconnell lane runs behind the ski slope at Craigavon. The Lodge was forced out of the local Orange Hall a number of years ago around the time Craigavon was built, the Lodge subsequently moved to Brownlowe House, Lurgan.

The drum was originally 3 foot, however some time in its history the shell was let out to 3 foot 1, the drum was never the same - eventually the shell was brought back to 3 foot by the owner.

It's a Johnston shell and painting - not too sure how old the drum is but it's a single board shell, very dark stain so hard to tell. Down the years the drum was nicknamed The Buck, but the owners are not sure why. It now belongs to the McCusker family!!


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