Sunday, 27 March 2011

Coastal Walk at Strangford Lough

Saturday morning was a beautiful morning, so I decided to return to my hometown - Newtownards, I parked my van at my Mothers house in Greenwell Street and departed for a walk along the coastal path at the tip of Strangford Lough. As a youth I spent many day's and hours along the 'tide bank' as it was known then, fooling around in the old World War II air raid shelters etc. By the way this is Dudley, our family pet - he keeps me reasonably fit and is good company on this 6 mile walk.

As you can see Ards Private Airport is a busy place on a Saturday, obviously the good weather brought out the flying enthusiasts - there were auto giros - twin engine planes, single engine planes, gliders and helicopters, it all made for a little extra entertainment on my walk.

Further along the coastal path is Ards Allotments - my friend Mark McDonald recently bought one, so I decided to pay him a visit. There he was digging up his future vegetables beds - all looked very hard work, after a chat and a light drink it was my return walk.

I think sometime we forget how beautiful an area we live in and perhaps a return visit home is also good for the soul!


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