Friday, 25 February 2011

Poem - The Carrowdore Coal Man

Below is a poem kindly sent from the 'Bard of Ballyfrenis' - Darren Gibson.
Darren tells me - 'This was told to my mother by Hannah McCully, who although she was well into her eighties at the time, had a wealth of old songs and poems - which see could recite.
The Carrowdore Coal Man

I was born in Ballywalter
And reared in Drumfad
I went up ta Carrowdore
To see what could be had

I tried to get on the forces
And then the polluse force
And now I'm on a coal cart
Cryin ta a horse

Coal coal coal
I, that is what I cry
And if you want a bag or two
Just nod as I go bye

I'll bump them in your bunker
As neatly as I can
And if your wise, you'll patronise
The Carrowdore coal man!

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