Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Emigrating to Canada

I visited the Newspaper Library this morning with Jack Greenald.

It was my first visit to this building - in order to continue my research into my family history - I have to say it very enjoyable and relaxing morning.

We searched through our relevant newspapers looking for items - apart from my main family research, I came across 2 interesting articles. One was simply this advertisement, which is self explanatory - the other I will blog about at a later date.

How many folk back in 1909, the year this advert appeared in the Newtownards Chronicle, were swayed by the allure of this dream - a fresh start and free land!



  1. Mark, my grandfather's brother, John Thompson, took up an offer like this in the 1920s. Apart from a few letters, he was never seen again. No phones or email back then!


  2. Hi Mark;

    Sad in a way - but perhaps that was just the way it was. I have relations in Canada, around Toronto - they moved there in the 1960's though.

    Ulster was a very different place in the 1920's just after WWI then the partition of Ireland - difficult times.