Sunday, 20 February 2011

Family History - The Front Deed - Newtownards

I was born here in this street ' Wallace's Street No1' or if you were a local Ards man 'The Front Deed, back in 1964.

This photo was taken just before the houses on the right were demolished - to make way for the now Movilla High School Playing Fields - progress eh!

The big house on the right just behind the car was our home, not that I recall it too much as we left when I was around 2 - 3 years old. There is a similar photograph of this street in the local book about Newtownards, the photo had a pram outside the house and yes, I was in the pram! -

I must get a copy of that book.

The Anderson's were raised here - all 7 of us, 6 boys and a girl - Joy was last to be born, hence the name. They were simple days, but a happy childhood nonetheless!


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