Friday, 25 February 2011

Lambeg Drums - A Selection of Painted Shells

The history of the Lambeg Drum is a mixture of conjecture and some fact, the drum making process is full of mystery and secrets - but the painting on lambeg drum shells are real and very personal. A lot of thought and planning by the drum owner, goes in to each painting, which in turn makes them unique and interesting from a cultural + historical perspective.

In Ulster to assist with our storytelling, many forms of artwork are on display - murals for instance are painted on many gable walls - Orange, Apprentice Boys and Royal Black Institution Banners, however with the Lambeg Drumming tradition, the artwork/paintings are displayed on the front of the drum shell.

Each painting is unique and would fall into a number of categories - historical scenes, Biblical scenes, famous buildings or landmarks, memorial drums, famous people, drumming men/women, Orange history, etc.

Below is a randomly selected group of painted shells - depicting the more personal or family side of the drumming tradition, many have an interesting and special story to tell. I personally prefer these types of paintings, as many are relatively unknown Ulster folk, who have quietly through out the years, devoted their lives to various strands of our protestant traditions in Ulster.

Hope you enjoy this montage - more to come in the coming day's and weeks.


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