Sunday, 20 February 2011

Londonderry Park Bowling Club Photo

For most of my life, my favoured sport was bowls - I was quite good, could have made it had I pushed myself - but I did OK in the end.

When I began my bowling life it was at Londonderry Park Bowling Club in Newtownards - here is the 'A' team that I played on at a mere 13 years old!

I went on to lift a number of prestigious trophies over the years - 6 British Isles Police Championships and a number of league and cup medals with Bangor Bowling Club, including an Irish Cup Medal.

That said, I enjoyed my time at L'Derry Park and may one day return. This photo was taken around 1977/8 most of the folk have passed away - including my Dad, Blakely and the dog skip!

My how time pushes on!


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