Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Grow Your Own Vegetables - 2013

Well, it is that time of the year again - planting the vegetables. My garden is a reasonable size with my vegetable patch measuring around 20 feet x 6 feet, I also have a patio area with good size area for planting.
The weather has been very cold, therefore I firstly prepared the plots with organic fertiliser and compost. My potatoes last season although tasty and plentiful were a little small for my liking - I blame the nearby conifers for that!
I visited Walkers Shop in Newtownards last week and purchased some items (photographed above), so with a slight increase in temperature and the welcome arrival of some rain, I started to plant on Monday afternoon 15th April.
1/ 3 x rows of British Queens
2/ 4 Garlic Cloves
3/ 12 x bulbs of shallots
4/ Beetroot
5/ White onions
6/ Red Onions
I intend to wait a couple of weeks then plant another lot of items listed above along with some strawberry plants and peas- however I will wait 3 x weeks then plant another 3 x drills of Dunbar Standards, followed by 4 drills of Maris Pipers.
My Eclinville apple tree did not produce any fruit last year - so I fed it with some 'stuff'' recommended by Noel Walker, lets hope it produces some fruit this year as I have been looking forward to homemade apple crumble and custard !

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