Sunday, 14 April 2013

Family History - GRO Visit 2

I visited the General Records Office (GRO) in Belfast on Friday morning, I had planned to go on Wednesday but sadly it was 'booked out' so I had to postpone until Friday. Again the GRO was almost full to capacity, so there seems to be a huge rise in history / family history related research.
My own reach went fairly well, I managed to trace quite a number of dates that corrected much of the information provided by family members - which helps immensely. I was able to provide answers to a few premature deaths that occurred in the family, some sad stories - but thankfully no shocks that I endured on my last visit.
As usual the research provided me with many more questions, that will spur me on to another visit to the GRO, I may need to look at obtaining some professional help as I can't seem to trace several births of relatives, however they do appear in the 1901 and 1911 censes forms!!
So all in all a good trip - a note of caution try and book the GRO 3 days in advance it will save disappointment. 


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