Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Family History - GRO Visit

Time - is on your side.

With a few weeks of spare time left before I start my new job, I have decided to allocate more time to my Anderson Family History research.
In early February my good friend Jim and I visited the General Records Office in Belfast to do some research. It was my first visit to the GRO and I had a great time - quite, relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable visit.
Yes, you may well just be sitting in front of a computer looking and scrolling through names, dates and places, however you really get a buzz as you pick up vital information.
My last visit was enjoyable, even though I unearthed a most deeply tragic story concerning my Great Grandmother - sorry I can't publish it, too sensitive!
So for 4 hours tomorrow Wednesday, I will be searching away in the peace and quiet of the GRO offices in Belfast............... wish me luck!

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