Thursday, 9 May 2013

Penultimate Blog Post

Hello Folks - this will be my penultimate blog post, sadly! 

I set up my blog in order to help promote my work. I was working as a self employed fife & lambeg drum tutor with the occasional tin whistle class along the way. I worked part time for a couple of years and went full time for a further 4 years. In that time, I had the very greatest of pleasure in providing this musical tradition throughout the 9 Counties of Ulster, to schools, community groups and other organisations. 

My work in these schools was incomplete, nevertheless during this time I had a great deal of success promoting this wonderful musical tradition!

I also blogged about the work with my Orange & Ulster Scots Community Group - Loughries Historical Society from Newtownards Co. Down. Here too we had great success turning around a struggling lodge into a vibrant Orange Lodge and highly respected community group.

I also included some personal items over the few years.

I thank you all for looking in and I trust you have gleaned something about me, my work and my hobbies. I am off to begin a new job later in May and I look forward to a fresh start, this will be the subject of my last blog post.

The organisation I was contracted to work for was the Ulster Scots Agency - all I want to say about that organisation is that it was an experience and one that I will never forget. Also, there are a few people I won't forget either!


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