Saturday, 16 February 2013

Ulster Scots Language 'The Ards'

Newtownards and the Ards Peninsula has been home to the Ulster Scots for hundreds of years, in fact it is generally accepted that the first large scale planned settlement of Ulster was the Hamilton & Montgomery Settlement of 1606 best known as 'The Dawn of the Ulster Scots.

There are many different facets to being an Ulster Scot - simply your name, your Church, your music, your dance, the food you eat, your profession or simply the way you speak, all will identify you as an Ulster Scot - it is not a place but a people!
There are many in 'The Ards' who promote and develop the Ulster Scots traditions through their love and interest in the area. This can be done in a number of ways, by simply producing publications, playing music - in all its forms, or simply coming together in a common cause to preserve and develop this tradition.

I have blogged before about various events that go on throughout 'The Ards', however I thought I would draw your attention to someone whose love is language and storytelling - Mr Darren Gibson. Darren has been writing articles for a newspapers over several years and indeed has been preparing a few screenplays that very soon may reach the world of television. Below is an article that Darren has written for this week’s News Letter newspaper.

 Look out for Darren Gibson's column every Saturday
Darren deserves a lot of credit for his perseverance in recent years, despite seeking some help to develop and promote his work, time and time again he received very little or no help at all.

So as I mentioned earlier 'for the love and interest in the area' Darren continues to promote his area of Ulster Scots interest - creative writing, even though Darren immigrated to Londonderry for love of a different kind, but he is still Low Country Lad at Heart!


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