Saturday, 9 February 2013

Ballyvester Primary School

Ballyvester Primary School is one of those country schools hidden away - a real gem of a school.
My good friend Matthew and I visited Ballyvester Primary School on Friday morning 8th February, to assist Mrs Greenald on a project that her P4 & P5 were working on - Northern Ireland.
For around 1 hour 15 minutes we took Ulster Scots language, history, language, music and song, to the children who thoroughly enjoyed the learning and interaction. They all got a chance to sing, ask & answer questions and of course get the opportunity to play our musical instruments, which were: - bagpipes, flute, fife, lambeg drum, tin whistle, chanter, concert, flute, piccolo and guitar

So once again another successful event in a school in the Ards and Ards Peninsula !

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