Friday, 15 February 2013

Newtownards War Memorial

I have been trying to trace some folk who appeared in a very well known photograph (attached) of the Newtownards War Memorial that was built of snow!
The photo appears in the book 'Newtown - a History of Newtownards' by Trevor McCavery.
A group of ex-servicemen were so disgruntled at the Ards Council inability to build a civic war memorial that as an act of protest they built a war memorial made of snow. There is no date for this event, however it is suspected to have taken place in the early half of 1920's.
Lest We Forget - on the site of the present Newtownards Civic War Memorial

One of the men in the photo was my Grandfather Johnny Anderson and I suspect his brother William was there also, sadly I don't have a previous photo of William therefore I can't confirm this. There was allegedly a report in the Newtownards Chronicle newspaper suggesting that several of the men who had built this war memorial were taken to court on public order offences, sadly I scoured the paper for this report but could not trace it.
Therefore, if anyone out there can assist me with this post I would be delighted to hear from you.

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