Sunday, 22 January 2012

Through The Years - Lambeg Drums in Ards 1

Newtownards Co. Down, would not be the 'hotbed' of Lambeg Drumming in Ulster, that said there has been a Lambeg Drumming tradition for many generations.

Most Orange Lodges at one time took lambeg drums on the 'Twelfth Day' however as the years passed, bands of one description or another comes along, pipe bands, brass bands, accordion bands and flute bands which inevitably pushed the drums out.

Now this is story could be true of most towns and villages, nevertheless there are those who keep the tradition alive - one such Orange Lodge is Rising Sons Of William LOL 240, now only 2 drums remain in the North Down 12th.

Here are a few photos from the archives, that I have selected from 'by gone days of yore' and one photo taken at the Holywood 12th in 2011.


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