Saturday, 21 January 2012

Ulster Scots - Burns Week

For century's the connection between Scotland and Ulster has been fantastic and for mutual benefit of course. Financial, Musical, Religion, Agricultural, Fishing, Education, Crafts, Dance.............. you get my drift; I could go on and on!

Not to bore you all with 'things' that are all around us in Ulster Scots Connection - here are two very small items - but fun items, that I noticed today whilst out shopping. There were many more examples but I pick these two out.

1/ Burns week lies ahead, so local firm Mash Direct, produced the traditional Neeps & Tatties, which is essential at any Burns Night Celebrations.

2/ It’s a little more of a ‘sweet connection’ Iron Bru – the national soft beverage from Scotland, Iron Bru Lollies - I bought 3 today: one each for the children in my house, Matthew, Christopher and of course the biggest wean of all – Yes Me!!


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