Sunday, 1 January 2012

Loughries True Blues LOL 1948 - Fallen Hero from WWI

Those of you who have been following my blog over the past 2 years, will note that the majority of the items that I post are to do with local history, Ulster Scots items, my work, lambeg drumming items, a little on my family and a little on the Orange and Black Institutions, etc. - well here is an Orange Lodge based item.

During another visit to the newspaper library in Belfast I uncovered this news item. Now I was aware of the story from a WWI presentation that Jack Greenald gave to Loughries Historical Society a couple of years ago.

To add a personal interest to the story - I am the Secretary of Loughries True Blues LOL 1948, so it is somewhat interesting to me that a century ago, the Secretary of Loughries served his King and Country - he sadly died at the Somme!

Robert Lowry was a man of his time - he like many signed the Ulster Covenant, then joined the Ulster Volunteer Force (Carson's Army) prepared to fight against Home Rule, then a twist of fate and they are all off to Europe to fight a war not of their making! There are so many stories of this nature that lie forgotten, lost over time, but it is important to remember those who have gone before - hope you enjoyed this story, sad of course.


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