Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Gunrunning 1912 - The Clyde Valley and The Mountjoy II

One of the most interesting books that I read recently was Fred Crawford - Carson's Gunrunner, by Author Keith Haines.

Mystery surrounds Major Crawford, he is described as 'The Shadowy figure with Anonymous Face' to others he was best known as 'The Unacceptable gun-running face of Unionism'

With the backdrop of the Home Rule crisis and the possibilities of WWI on the horizon, these were very troubled and difficult times in Ulster. Many, many men, worked tirelessly for the Unionist Cause - hero's were to emerge Sir Edward Carson - Lord Craigavon and others, but who was Major Fred Crawford?

In this pivotal year 2012 - Centenary of the Signing of the Ulster Covenant, I would urge everyone interested in Local Ulster History, around the 1900 to 1925, to purchase a copy of this book - you won't be disappointed!

From a Lambeg Drumming perspective there is a drum with Major Crawford's portrait painted on it, (which I don't have) also the Clyde Valley (the boat that brought the GUNS into both Larne and Bangor Harbour - also known as The Mountjoy II) - Bobby Magreechan recently purchased a new lambeg drum and named it 'The Mountjoy II - Bangor.

The Clyde Valley was famed for delivering the UVF guns into Larne and Bangor Harbour - but history will tell us that the boat was renamed The Mountjoy II for this adventure!!

The Clyde Valley Lambeg Drum
Owned and made by Denis Morrow, Belfast - Painter William Magowan

The Mountjoy II Lambeg Drum
Owned by B. Magreechan, made by Denis Morrow - painted William Magowan


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