Tuesday, 7 June 2011

From the Archives 4

I recently began researching 2 history projects - The Anderson Family + Loughries Orange Banner - at one point in time the two events have intertwined around 1910 -1921.

Loughries Orange Lodge had members who served with distinction during the Great War, sadly 1 member - Private Lowry (Lodge Secretary) was killed in action, with other members injured. As I looked back at various strands of local history, I have been touched by the kindness and charitable nature of that generation. Despite financial hardship at home, Loughries Members were very kind and generous, by sending parcels containing food, toiletries, small items of clothing such as socks, gloves, scarves, etc, as well as letters of support.

On another recent visit to the Newspaper Library in Belfast, I came a cross this poem printed in the Newtownards Chronicle back in 1917 - by a Fletcher Hamel from the 12th Battalion RIR. I was deeply moved by the simple but kind words he expressed, which hid, I'm sure, great pain and suffering.

Please read the poem and imagine how it would have been for you - if you had been born 2 x generations before.


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