Sunday, 19 June 2011

Fife Preparation.

This evening I eventually had the time to sit down and clean & oil my fifes and polish my brass whistle (not neck).

With the Twelfth season almost upon us it is important to have all the equipment clean, oiled and accounted for. I oil my fifes with almond oil, it is a very light, thin oil and not too hard on the taste buds if some of the oil gets onto your lips. I tend to steep the fifes in oil for several hours, then put the cleaning rod through - careful not to move the cork.

I then set them up on their ends for an hour or so - to let the remaining oil seep out. Finally I clean the ferrells with 'Brasso' and give them a polish.

Ready for the 'Glorious Twelfth'

These 3 x fifes, African Black-wood, Holly and Laburnum - were made by Wilby Wilson from Larne, a true gentleman and gifted craftsman.


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